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Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness is meant to give students an orientation of how things work at YBS. Students must exemplify a willingness and ability to work hard, follow instructions, be on time, and get along with others.

Capital One Career & Technology Center

In partnership with Capital One, YBS students completed the rehabilitation of the old library during November 2015. The lab consists of 18 student workstations, a café, a conference room, and a presentation area for students to practice public speaking.

Classroom/Construction Lab

YBS students spend 50% of their time working on their HiSET, 40% on construction, and 10% of their time on financial literacy and life skills classes.

Community Projects

YBS partners with the Fuller Center for Housing, the City of Shreveport, Image Changers, and numerous other community oriented organizations to provide a service to the community.


YBS students attend college campus tours, educational tours, and historical tours in an effort to broaden their horizon and to be better informed of the vast amounts of opportunities afforded to them.